I drunk drafted and need help

Words cannot express my dismay this morning when I saw what I did last night. It’s an 8 team NFC only non-ppr league. I have 3rb handcuffs, 1 TE handcuff and a back up QB for a starter. I will take any/all advice that I can get in trying to make this team viable.

Help me Footie-clan-kenobi, you’re my only hope


lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. Daniel Jones


I know, right? wtf was I thinking…

ok, i need to know… how drunk were you?

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Based on that draft are you still drunk? However, I’m sure you can pick up someone on waivers at QB like Josh Allen, Dak, etc. You may want to see if the Gurley owner has Malcolm Brown and if not try to sell them on Henderson as the backup.

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Definitely hit the waiver wire hard ASAP for a QB, honestly it probably could be worse.

@ PoeGat
I think the roster is evidence enough, no?

QBs available are Eli and Case. Have claims in on both.

One other guy has Russel/Carson/Lockett. Trying trade Pollard for Lockett

Tony Pollard to the Zeke owner is your best bet. If they have two QBs go that way. It’s 8 teams NFC only so 14 QBs were drafted based off who you have on Waivers. You only have one so that means 7bteams have 13 QBs, bundle two guys to get one QB Goedert to the Ertz owner, Henderson to the Gurley owner.

That ain’t happening now :upside_down_face:

Oh man…what did you do with your first two picks?? I’d be trawling the waivers and praying Miles Sanders breaks out and Cook stays fit