I feel bad! Should I?

Today I vetoed a trade and feel bad in doing so! Am I in the right or wrong here?
12 team redraft ppr

Trade: Aaron Jones for Dak Prescot

What was the reason for the veto? Personally I feel an RB1 like Jones has more value than a QB1, but if someone is willing to trade Aaron Jones for Dak Prescot I’m assuming they have a solid RB lineup already??

Unless there is collusion, the trade makes a team virtually unstoppable or someone is self-sabotaging there is NEVER a reason to veto IMO.


Agreed that this doesn’t seem that bad, and hard to evaluate without knowing what the team needs were.

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Thanks for the replys guys I thought it through last night and reversed my wrongs. I’ve also set the league to league vote and have apologised to everyone for my mistake. Everyone was understanding and forgiving. In the moment I thought it was sabotage but it turns out this player just really believes in Malcolm Brown. Different players different beliefs. I’ve learnt something valuable as a fresh commissioner :joy::ok_hand:

It also happens that the Dak owner has Mahomes and at the time I thought that’d be the clear option to trade for. But again different players different beliefs.

Mahomes Vs. Dak
CMC. Vs Saquan
Aaron Jones. Vs Malcolm Brown
Mike Evans vs Robert woods
AJ Green. Vs Golladay
Mark Ingram. Vs Sutton
Ertz. Vs Engram

As a competitor I’m not happy, as a commissioner I need to stay water