I feel like I need to make a big trade. Advice please

I’ll start off by saying I just lost Dak. I’m 4-1. Right now I’m content streaming Fitzpatrick, but there are several decent QBs on the waiver, including Dalton, Minshew, and Big Ben.

So, I have a few ideas.

The Dalvin Cook owner is 3-2.
His roster:
QB: Watson, Rodgers
RB: Cook, Eckeler, Gurley, Hines, White, Homer
WR: Hilton, Landry, Watkins, Cooks, Jeudy
TE: Kelce, Herndon

So he’s decimated with injuries right now. I’m considering whether I should just start Mattison this week, enjoy the free RB1 production, and just sit on him all year in case Cook goes down again (which he probably will) OR offer up Mattison for Watson (looking much better with a new HC) or possibly packaging Mattison with another player for Kelce.

I’m also thinking I should try to land a WR1. I’m thinking of trying to offer Drake and Moore for someone like D Adams or Hopkins. Probably a long-shot.

Another option would be to try and trade for Waller.

I feel like I need to focus on upgrading at QB, WR, and TE. Is that a good idea or should I just be thankful for the crazy depth I have in this crazy season and just sit tight?

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I wouldn’t trade for a QB. I think you can stream for similar production to Watson without giving up a player.

I would try to package for Kelce and you’ll have to significantly pay up for him. Mattison, Kupp and Schultz may not be enough but a good starting point.

I don’t think Drake and Moore can get you Adams or Hopkins.

I would agree. Stick with streaming QB, you have that luxury with the set up you have. Then I would work on getting a solid TE upgrade. If you could package that with a Rams receiver and maybe get a guy with more upside that would be good too. But if you could land a Waller or Kelce on this team you would be fairly set for a long time.

Yeah I’ve had my eye on Waller and I wouldn’t have to sell the farm for him.

Which Rams WR would you keep ROS?

Ole reliable, I love Woods. Kupp has upside for sure, but you can’t argue against getting 15+ points a week from Woods.

Yeah I think I’m just going to pick up a waiver QB.

Another idea: what do you think it’d take to trade for Dalvin Cook? Since I already have Mattison.

I think I agree. Golladay is my upside WR.