I feel like I won this trade

But I still feel kinda gross about it…
I traded Abdulla and Snead for Parker and Bryant… the guy was loaded at WR and Bryant/Parker were his WR5/6 and I was loaded at RB but wanted more depth plays at WR… I feel like I won on paper but at the same time I’ve been the high guy on Abdulla all offseason and I’m still high on him and truly believe he’ll be more value than 2 boom/bust WRs… but 1.) I know even if he performs how I expect, nobody will ever pay premium for him… and 2.) my other RBs on this team are Gordon, Howard, Hunt, Ty Mont, and Martin (with Quizz) so I couldn’t see plugging him in much at all this season barring multiple injuries. What do you guys think? Did I assblast him dry or do you think it was a fairish trade?

I think you hit possible gold with Parker. Cutler is looking at a whole new world with MIA now and he’s already made it obvious he LIKES Parker. Think Parker is gonna be a major Fantasy. Hoped to nab him myself…didn’t happen.

Yeah in this league we drafted first Saturday in August so about a month ago and Parker had very little hype at the time… he was a target of mine but RBs I liked kept falling to me and Parker kept slipping but I let him go 1 too many rounds and the other guy grabbed him… It didn’t bother me too much at the time but since then the whole preseason has happened with the Cutler/Parker magic so now I regret letting him slip… I was sure to snag him in other, more recent drafts though.

Yeah Jake…I thought the same about Cutler/Parker. I think Cutler is gonna be the Cutler of OLD in MIA with his old Coach. And like I said…Cuter is LOOKING at Parker most!!! Marriage that I don’t think many are expecting. Think MIA is gonna surprise many this year with this combo!!!

I like your side