I feel like this is a stupid trade

a buddy of mine was just offered Freeman, Collins, and Stills for his AP and Hogan… I told him I’d do it but he doesn’t like the trade… is there something I’m missing? Are people really so low on Freeman after a few disappointing weeks? Stills and Collins are whatever and Hogan is still injured… I told him I don’t seeing Hogan coming back into a consistent weekly TD role whenever he’s finally healthy… but I mean I guess he could. What are you guys thinking? For me it’d be an easy yes to trade AP and Hogan for Freeman and bench fodder lol.

no opinions on this?

I would make the trade just bc i think AP is on a terrible team and agree with your assessment of hogan. I am also low on Freeman so understands why your friend is hesitant. Freeman has generally been a disappointment for me this season tbh. I’m looking to move him in my leagues

I️ would rather have freeman over AP. I️ don’t think he will have another big game like that. I️ just traded AP for a TE. Ertz

The only hesitation I have with Freeman are the injuries… he’s been playing through the shoulder injury and now he has another injury on top of it… if he was healthy I wouldn’t hold a few mediocre games against him… he’s play exactly how he always has… TDs or bust… I mean last season in standard he had 8 of his 15 fantasy games (including playoffs) under 10 points… his numbers really don’t look much different than last year… you can’t come into this year expecting a drastic increase in his volume or fantasy production after last year’s historical offense lol…