I feel sad

My bench are full with studs but this week it looks like I’ll need to play a kicker (; so I had to drop D. Parker… does anyone believe in this kid as much as I do?!?

Look at the 3 games before the injuries and etc… Michael Thomas numbers

I thought he would be ballin this year as well-I dropped him and picked up a more reliable receiver-he is available in a lot of my leagues-

i have him in my league, i have had him in my flex all season except when he got hurt. I would hold on to him and try and drop someone else.

help with mine, please

I like Agholor-

Yea dude but I have literally have no one to drop

Agholor, Graham or Amendola
I am a pats fan so I would go with Amendola

Ye amendola could go off but so could any of the wrs in ne. With no Norman and wentz in the form he’s in I’d have agholor over amendola. I assume you’ve tried a 2 for 1 trade to get an upgrade even of its someone who’s a slight improvement?

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josh, i just picked agholor up last week. who would be goo to package and try and upgrade?

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If try and send an offer of ivory plus a player to the Fournette owner for one of his other players. (Hard to do without lineups)

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I think jay Cutler believes in him but he’s no good if hes Injured. When he’s back he will be rb 2 level but if he’s out and you need the space you gotta cut him loose :frowning:

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I was a Parker owner but had to drop him because that offense was struggling so bad and I wasn’t in a position to have passengers in my squad.

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