I feel weird about my draft

I’m in a 12 team PPR 3 wr starting league pick 10. I just don’t know how to feel. I guess its because I don’t have a big name player in my eyes, but I tried to get the best value i could at each position i.e. Kyler in the 8th.

Am I crazy for not knowing how to feel about my draft? I think my rb is thin and that scares me.


i like the draft, i think kyler in the 8th is great value, RBs are a little thin but if dobbins becomes the starter or cook gets hurt then i think you are all right, i also really like your WRs with the lack of big names you make up with some real ballers. I would give it a B just with the lack of RB depth but i feel like this can be a really competitive team this year, just make sure you micro manage your team during the season.

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Thanks, definately have those sentiments as well.

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