I felt more pain today than any other day in my entire life

I’m the 8 seed playing the 1 seed in the first round, and I was actually projected to win the whole week because he had Melvin Gordon and Emmanuel Sanders go down, and he had Fournette suck on Thursday.
I was really tired and accidentally fell asleep around the start of the 4th quarter of the afternoon slate, and things had been going great for me, as I was up 20 freakin points on him and all of our last players were playing in these games. I wake up an hour and a half later to find out his Amari Cooper had single-handedly torched my team. I just don’t understand how this happened, I was so content just a few hours ago, completely confident that I was only one quarter of football away from upsetting the number 1 seed, and I wake up to find out I lost because of freakin Amari Cooper. The roller coaster of emotions is causing me so much pain.


I had to laugh when I read this…BUT…NOT because I found humor in your misfortune…BUT…because…ONLY A FELLOW FFB’r could understand the depth of the frustration and emotional agony this crazy hobby of ours can bring!!!

Yesterday we had a couple of friends (who live about an hour and a half drive away) call and planned to come hang out for the day. AND…since I’d had a crazy, busy week with work and other chit, yesterday was the ONLY day I had to spend on making sure of my line-up and to spend some time here conversing with others about it and theirs.

Unfortunately, I think they may have felt a little offended by my lack of socializing, BUT…tho they don’t understand FFB, or even Football in general for that matter, they DO know how committed I am to this and that I absolutely HAVE to spend some quality time on it.

This stuff CAN BE and IS utterly heart-wrenching sometimes!!! AND ONLY WE THAT ARE INVOLVED IN IT CAN BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND OR FATHOM THAT!!!

I sooooo feel for you my friend…and my deepest and sincerest condolences!!! :disappointed:

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It sucks but if you made it to the playoffs you also had a lot of fun. I know I did but plan on giving it up next year. Not because of losing though. That part is only painful for a few minutes. Lots of other things I want to do and I put way too much time in it. Rather get out and do something on the weekend.

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I feel ya’ buddy.

I was down 54 points after the afternoon games.

No problem. I have Gurley, Cooks, Cook and Diggs left.

Now only MNF is left and I am down 41 and have only Diggs and Cook left. Still holding out hope but both guys have to pretty much match their top outputs for the season for me to have a shot.

Hang in there. The Cooper owner in our league made a late run because he has CMC and A Jones as well. He is very dangerous right now. You are not the only one feeling the pain there.


@psychosem17 I have Gurley as well, and was figuring they’d prob start going easy on him about now, AS THEY DID. Figured they were thinking since they had already clinched it, they could handle a loss and be able to save/go easy on their possible SB winner!!! Which is why I grabbed up Brown, then Kelly and Reynolds.

Not surprised by tonight’s game. Except…dummy me…I played Truby ( going against my better judgment all week and thinking to just keep Wilson starting. And then…oh yeah…couldn’t help but change them out!!!) :roll_eyes:

LOL…all year I’ve been relying on my intuition/gut feeling instead of the general consensus, and it’s paid off. TIL tonight!!! LOL

Oh well…I still pulled off round 1!!!

I don’t even think it was that. Bears defense is legit and EVERYTHING in the offense works THROUGH or OFF Gurley. This wasn’t that. Goff looked like his rookie year. The timing on everything was just off. Fortunately they won’t have to play in a cold weather city in the playoffs more than likely, but still this was a bad performance by everyone but Rams defense.

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Well…yeah…actually, I have to agree with most of your points here. Cuz…that whole game was just nuts. Hell…LOL…most of today’s games were just nuts.

BUT…concerning Gurley…he wasn’t even targeted much at all the first half. So…that’s what I was talking about.

Anyway…I know you said you’re down by 41 at this point. So…wishing you more than the best my friend!!! You’re one of those that I really enjoy here. Seems like we end up on a lot of the same posts and on the same page a lot!!! :+1:

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Yeah 5 carries in the first half was inexcusable I just don’t think they meant for that to happen. Losing the center for an early part of the game really threw stuff off.

Well…yeah…true. Good point.