I gave up Landry for Baldwin in dynasty and I'm not sorry

Over a month ago, before Landry was traded by the Browns or even tendered by the Dolphins, I dumped him in exchange for Doug Baldwin. I got some negative remarks from my leaguemates for it, but I think I made the right move. I say this even though Landry now has a long-term deal and even though he is several years younger than Baldwin.

I already talked in another thread about why I love Baldwin this year. In short: great talent; many vacated targets (Richardson and Graham gone; replacements will be Jaron Brown, whoever steps up between Darboh, Lockett, and Vanette, and whatever slim pickins the Seahawks will pick up in free agency or draft); long history of being Russell Wilson’s guy; more targets due to an improved offensive line (nowhere to go but up); and greatly improved cornerback profiles in the NFC West, making him a yet more preferred target.

What about Landry? He is a prima donna who overestimates his own value, and I was seriously concerned about a long-term holdout. Although that did not materialize, I think the move to the Browns is really bad for his fantasy value. He has always relied on high volume to make up for the shortness of his targets and his lack of touchdowns (except last year). He got that high volume because the Dolphins did not have many other good receivers. In Cleveland, he is competing with Duke Johnson and David Njoku for the short targets, on a team that also has Josh Gordon, Corey Coleman and Jeff Janis to catch intermediate-long passes. Hard to see a lot of red zone looks for Landry when all these other targets are available. Who his long-term QB is remains to be seen, but if Cleveland finally gets their star QB, there will be fewer dumpoffs to Landry.

Could I have held out for a throw-in? Probably. But when I see a deal I like, I usually prefer to pull the trigger rather than risk a deal falling apart.

I think you made the wrong call, it if you’re happy with it, that’s what matters.