I get Mixon for Godwin - 1/2 PPR - what's your first thought?

1/2 PPR League

I am being offered Mixon for Godwin.

Godwin has a very good playoff schedule while Mixon not so much.

My other RBs are CMC, Gibson, Kelley, Akers and Wilson Jr.

My other WRs are Devante Adams, Golladay and Gallup.

Do I take the risk on Mixon?? Would you do it? I could use a RB2.


I would say yes given your need for an RB2. Risky. Are their other WR needy teams that you could try and trade for an RB2? Maybe target Kenyan Drake since he’s started slow?

I currently have Kyler as my QB so Drake would be a no go but I’ll see who else is available. thanks.

Are you just against a stack of qb rb in general? Personally I’d be interested in Drake even if the plan is simply to move him after he hits stride.

Mixon I think is a good target though.

Yes, I try to avoid a stack of QB / RB.