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I get my choice of draft slot


Maybe I am overthinking it. I have my choice of any draft slot. Picking DJ would be a no-brainer, but when I do mocks, I am not thrilled with my team. I think it traps me into settling for lesser receivers.

Please help me with this. Am I being a knucklehead?


Snake draft I assume? If it’s 10 team I really like 3-5 and 7.

If is 12 team I really like 4,5 7,8,9,

Being 1 or 2 and getting DJ has been fun but as you said haven’t loved my teams when I draft there.


Sorry, 12 team full PPR snake draft.


I would go middle somewhere. You will still get one of the elite guys at the top (including Green/Evan) and then your 2nd round can be pretty solid too.