I give Julio and Mark Ingram I get Gurley and Ekeler, in my trade offer right now, do I accept!?

12 man Full point ppr, he sent this to me. I get gurley The rest of my roster would be

Rb, Melvin Gordon, Lamar miller, nayheim Hines, rojo, alF blue
Wr, Odell, Keenan Allen, Corey Davis
Ab, Brees, luck
Te, gronk, brate

I’m really thinking about pulling the trigger
Julio has 30% target share… should I counter with obj, I’ve tried Keenan Allen counters to no luck.

Jump on it. Jump on it like fat kid on twix.

Value wise, Gurley wins this by a landslide.

On top of that, you are incredibly stacked at WR. You have Odell, Allen and AB.

No idea how you have all these players in a 12 man league. You must be playing with a bunch of european soccer players.

Yes of course. He’s the best back. Your selling Ingram high and Julio at a good price despite his performances.

I think that’s meant to be QB not ab. Either way still stacked!

It all started with someone offering me Kareem hunt for kelce and I just kept making moves, drafted really really well with rbs.

I thought that’s what he might have meant, but he used a comma so threw me off.

Regardless, still has Allen and Odell as WRs after the trade.

Gordon + Gurley + OBJ + Allen + Davis > Gordon + Ingram + JJ + OBJ + Allen


I have Gurley and am nothing but pleased! Do it!!

So he sent it without ekeler, I thought it had him, I countered with ekeler should I just go ahead and hit yes

You have a team like that I’m a 12 man league… are you playing with little kids?

Hahaha no, adult money league, like I said I drafted really well went almost all rbs of all kind. Hit good and traded high. Started with a kelce for hunt, lots of team and record based trades. Always have to perceivably overpay to roster and record based teams to get anything done with trading.

He countered adding Alfred blue when I added ekeler, I hit accept. Thanks guys I appreciate the help. Finally a todd gurley owner woohoo!!

YOu should just go ahead and accept. Ekeler is a nice to have, not a must have. Blue is useless.

That’s exactly what I was thinking, I’m over the Texans rbs even if blue does take the starting job it won’t amount to much. Once again thanks all who chimed in