I got Adams and Hopkins with my first 2 picks in my ten team money league draft last night, how did I do with rest of my draft?

It is a 10 team half ppr, full point for first downs, 6 points for td passes, bonus points for 40 yard plays and other custom scoring. We start 1 qb, 3 wr, 2 rb, one TE, 2 flex, 7 bench, one defense, one kicker, one IR spot.

I thought I had 6th pick but somehow the draft order got changed at the draft and I got 8th pick.

I used the UDK for my draft , Yahoo gave me a grade of a C, but I thought I did better than that.

Here are my picks with each round

Round 1 Adams
Round 2 Hopkins
Round 3 Carson
Round 4 Jacobs

At picks 5 and 6 I was deciding between Miles Sanders, a wr, and a TE, I was hoping Sanders would come back to me at round 7 so I took a gamble but it didn’t work, but still happy with who I got
Round 5 Kupp
Round 6 Engram
Round 7 Cohen
Round 8 Westbrook
Round 9 Christian Kirk
Round 10 Breida (at this pick , Coleman was still on the board, but Breida might take over the backfield, and I think Breida is the better back)
Round 11 Ballage
Round 12 D Thompson
Round 13 Pettis
Round 14 Kirk Cousins
Round 15 Desean Jackson
Round 16 Kyler Murray
Round 17 Chargers Defense
Round 18 Herndon

I didn’t take a kicker yet because season hasn’t started yet,I will give it a little more time. I wanted Goff earlier in the draft and to stack with Kupp but I didn’t like my qbs so after the draft I traded Cousins, Ballage, and Herndon for Goff, Jaylen Samuels and Delanie Walker.

I usually only carry one qb but people were drafting at least 2 qbs and the waiver wire was going to be thin at qb, so I drafted 2 qbs.

How do you think I did, any improvements I need to make? All feedback and advice welcome and appreciated !!

Thanks in advance !

Adams Nuk open is what dreams are made of. Carson in the 3rd seems fine to me given how this year’s RB crop is working out. I’m a fan of Jacobs as well so that’s a good land in the 4th.

Personally I’m fading Kupp at cost cause despite all this hype, we know in general the recovery timeline for ACL is not that fast. So even if he’s on the field, he won’t be 100%. And 5th round is just way too expensive for me. I’d much rather be grabbing guys like Moore, Lockett, Boyd out of that group. Maybe even Mike Williams.

Love love love engram at 6. I’m personally fine taking him even in the 5th. He’s my TE3 this year.

Not a big fan of Cohen at all. I try to avoid satellite backs in general. I wrote a 4 part series on satellite backs and explaind by White/Cohen were both fades for me this year.

Not a huge fan of westbrook but I can understand the appeal. Love Kirk at 9. Absolutely love Breida at 10 although I am kinda shocked Coleman was still there. I would’ve been fine with you taking Coleman at 9 and Breida at 10 tbh to buy that entire backfield.

I hate ballage, I think he’s trash personally and is totally off my draft board. Drake seems to back at practice now as well so only a matter of time before ballage is irrelevant. Rest of your draft all looks fine to me tbh. I typically don’t double up on TE/QB but i can understand the pairings you have. I love Herndon this year so you’ll likely be able to flip him later.

Love the fact that you didn’t take a K in favor of higher upside guys.

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