I got cute and need your prayers

I got cute and decided to sit Zeke for Mixon this week ): Need your prayers! If I don’t win, I don’t make playoffs

What’s your record? Last year I made the playoffs (albeit by the slimmest of margins) with a 6-7 record.


It will be tough but if the two players produce at their level of talent you have a chance.

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That’s tough man! But you have 2 players capable!

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Whatever happens, it isn’t your fault lol. Seriously, it’s not

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I’m with you on needing a good game from OBJ :crossed_fingers:

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This is doable, particularly if its a PPR format. You might need a little luck but I would just be reserved that Barkley could always have a huge game and Beckham can do enough to chip in.

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The lesson here is to literally trust absolutely nothing from the entire Jets team, ever. Todd Bowles is a very bad coach.


You def still have a chance. Weird to make that move though, considering NO is the top rushing D in the league.

I’m looking for a monster game from OBJ myself.

I will say the performance from rivers was pretty disappointing.

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Thank you everyone, my record is 4-5 PPR league. Rivers was disappointing and I’m never ever playing the jets ever again! I just thought Mixon would get so many targets with AJ out them being down big. I was clearly wrong

I lost by 3 ): now I need a miracle to make playoffs. I’m sorry Zeke