I Got Fournette's Handcuff

I had to be one of the only people who drafted Devine Ozigbo. Saints cut him then the Jags signed him and put Blue on IR. It’s very possible I could end up having the Jags starting RB with injury prone Fournette. All by making one stupid goofy pick that I got ribbed on pretty good about.

I was planning on dropping him after next week if nobody signed him but felt even if he got cut by the Saints, somebody was going to grab him. He’s a big pass catching RB which is hard to find.
Just wish it was another team though. I had Fournette for two years and wanted out of their backfield. He killed me in the playoffs both years.

In my 16 league team RBs were really thin; drafted Ryquan Armstead as Fournette’s handcuff (also have Fournette). I’d guess Armstead would still be be next man if Fournette goes down. Ozigbo was said to have a good camp, so who knows.

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I was comparing Armstead and Ozigbo. They are roughly the same RB but Ozigbo, people think might have the edge on Jag forums. Very good pass catcher and probably a little more athletic but who knows…they split for a game or so until it shakes out?

Having Fournette’s handcuff though, the man has never played a full season college or NFL. It’s probably the handcuff with the highest probability of starting at some point and as you stated, in a big league yours, great to have. Even if Fournette makes it the distance he still will need a breather at times so a marginal flex worse case.