I got MVS!... what now

Even with 7th waiver priory i managed to grab MVS.

Now the flex conundrum begins. I have the “lovely” options of Olsen, Funchess and Ekeler avaliable to me.

I figure Olsen is the best choice (i’ve got kittle in at TE). followed by ekeler against the raiders. And funchess has let me down every week i’ve started him so he gets the bronze medal here.

do you agree with my rankings?
Thanks Folks

I now own AJones and MVS. One of the two will be in my lineup, likely in the flex, most every week. I’m going to judge each week based on likely game script. Likely shootout with strong opposing offense/weak opposing pass defense (ie Patriots), MVS is activated. They play the Dolphins however, AJones is in my flex and expectations potentially tempered with MVS. He still may blow up and have a big TD. He is capable, against any defense. But they should not have to depend on the pass as much this week.

I am now really shallow at WR. lost fuller and AJ over the last 2 weeks.

Kinda gotta put MVS in here. Funchess is a literal TD or bust, and i gotta say Olsen seems to be a more trusted target than him.
Ekeler is a ??? based on game flow. Oakland is probably gunna get beat down by LA and maybe they let him run down the stretch but thats doubtful

MVS locked and loaded for you without question.