I got Offered Todd Gurley

I got offered Todd Gurley and Malcolm Brown for Mo Sanu, Ty Johnson, and Terry McLaurin.

My gut says no just cause Gurley has been mediocre.

Bump. Just wanna see if anyone else has an opinion on this

Depends, if you really need a RB and have good depth at WR I’d do it because Gurley/Brown>TJ.

But if you are solid at RB then I say no because McLaurin has been good and I think Ty Johnson will be decent. Sanu is a wildcard, who knows what he will do with NE.

My RBs are Kamara, Carson, Brieda, L Murray, Ty Johnson
My Wrs are Julio, Godwin, McLaurin, G Tate, Sanu

Wouldn’t do it. Kamara and Carson are both better than Gurley and you would really hurt your WR depth by trading both McLaurin and Sanu away.