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I got offered Zeke and Yeldon!


I got offered Zeke Yeldon and Cam for Mahomes and Kamara… what should I do? I’d be trading with the guy that’s in first place I’m in second.


I say no, Yeldon is good RIGHT NOW so basically
It’s Zeke for Kamara
Mahomes for cam
Now see that and evaluate that trade and ask if you’d do it I say no because
Zeke is clear #1! Kamara is splitting again
Cam is a good QB could easily be as good as mahomes
I say no to this


Standard I’d say no. Keeper I say no. QB Pass TD at 4pts I say no. Redraft PPR I would do this. Dal O is horrible and PPR give Kamara an edge given how bad Dal O is. In my league which is PPR, Kamara finished 3rd in RB points last season splitting time and not getting action early in the season.