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I had a bad dream about Cutler


He threw 2 picks in the first half, one of them for a touchdown (be careful if you have dolphins d).

Should I proceed with caution and start Dak instead? Or was this just a bad dream.


Bad Dream, Smokin’ J Cut has lots of upside this week. Jets give up lots of yards in the air, 8.1 per attempt, and high completion percentage AND 5 touchdowns in two games. Cutler has lots of weapons the dolphins will establish the run game early opening the play action up. Hes starting in my league! Lets keep our fingers crossed! Hope this helps.


I’ve been a Bears fan my whole life. Pick6’s and irritating fumbles are more of a certainty than an outlier with Cutty :slight_smile: Honestly, even if he throws a couple picks, if your league doesn’t hit you with giant penalties I think he’s a good play because he’ll likely throw for at least 200 yds and 2 TD. If you’re starting him, all you want is 15 points anyway, everything above that is gravy.


HAHA - I love the fantasy football dreams. I dreamed this week that I benched Dak + he was launching TDs to Dez all day :joy: