I Had Nowhere To Go. Please help

I am in 2nd place and have 3 defenses: Steelers Saints Bills but because of injuries and bye weeks I need to drop two of them. how would you rank these defenses for the rest of the season. Or in other words which defense do you keep?

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I actually had Bills and Steelers…i dropped Bills and rollin with Steelers rest of the way…their schedule is awesome ROS and if you take out last weeks disappointing performance they have been one of the best DST as of late.

Love the feedback thanks @Moneyshot

Yeah, I agree with the above comment about the Steelers. If you subtract last week and the 2 weeks they didn’t have Fitz they have been amazing. They’re a top 3 defense.

My model has them ranked this way rest of season:
PIT - 2
NO - 7
BUF - 32 (yep, first worst)

Pittsburg also projects as the DST Weeks 15&16. So definitely the Steelers for me. My DST model is below, and you can see that and my QB and TE models in my Week 12 streaming post here. Hope that helps. Good luck!

Think I should drop Buffalo and pick up Eagles or Packers? This week is a little rough for both but I cant stash defences right now.

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Without a doubt. Either is good. Just have a plan for Week 16 if you make it that far, both have really bad matchups that week.