I hate Joe Mixon

No advice needed, just wanted to share how much Joe Mixon is making me regret picking him. I’m seriously considering selling him.


Best of luck selling low.

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I hate how he’s playing too boss. I just shipped him off with James Robinson to get David Montgomery and Diontae Johnson smh

It sucks Cus if we woulda picked Austin Ekler or Aaron Jones we’d be loving life and possibly undefeated

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I traded Joe mixon and Mike Davis for Kenyan drake and a 1st round pick next year.

Joe Mixon, I hate you and I hope you get a flat tire on your way to practice this morning.


Just completed a trade and about to post it. Check it out!

I actually just traded FOR Mixon. His workload and an improving Joe Burrow lead me to believe that he’s in for improved fantasy outings.

I totally understand the tilt, as that’s how I was feeling with Gurley, but at least Mixon is involved regardless of game script.