I hate the cardinals

First they lied about david Johnson and now they lied about Kenyan Drake. I hate that trash franchise. Forever bottom of the rankings.

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Kenyan Drake is killing it :joy:


On my bench in all leagues. Of course I listened to the “very limited workload”

Nobody else angry about this? I was expecting more reactions haha

3 days and a tough match up…

Not much you can do as not many would have predicted this

Sucks but welcome to fantasy football :slight_smile:

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Well you could’ve had a better indicator had they not said he would be limited…

Drake was always thought as a pretty good player but hadn’t done much lately with Miami.

Avg rank this week was 31-45.

Unless you didn’t have a better option not many would have played him.

And BTW look at what Arizona said last week with DJ.

Maybe going forward whatever the coach says do the opposite ?

I don’t know. He looked good to me, I picked him up on waivers, missed the press release you speak of and played him. It was awesome.
Still a bit choked about benching Garoppolo though. Lol.
Minshew better blow it up.

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Apparently I don’t learn my lesson as I dropped Edmonds right before he blew up cause they said DJ was ready to go.

They said right he was going to be a big part of the offense since Edmonds and DJ were out. They had originally planned for DJ to play

The coach never said it was a RBBC. I read his statements and never got that feeling. He didn’t come out and say that I know that much.

Regardless, if you started him you were completely desperate but it was not a bad move. That D was tired and he hasn’t played in a while. The writing was on the wall he would likely do ok.

I’m sure that’s what they planned for, they weren’t expecting to bring in a guy 3 days ago and have him carry everything in a tough division matchup against an undefeated team. He was an unknown, so there’s no way they would come out and declare him the workhorse.

First touch goes for 30 yards, and he runs it in for a TD later that drive. They realize he’s pretty good and has the hot hand, so keep playing him, results in a big workload and a good game. If he sucked he wouldn’t have had as many touches, different story.

Kingsbury didn’t even know this was going to happen. That’s football

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He’s a damn good receiver. I don’t think it’s a 1-2 game thing. He is perfect for that offense. All he needed was a ok OL and a QB. Same goes for Lativious, guy is a very good RB but just on a bad team and not used correctly.

Hmm idk if I’d agree that the Vikings were a bad team. Latavious isn’t very dynamic. It just seems like you can plug and play just about anyone into the saints backfield. Payton is an amazing coach.

AP didn’t work out at all for the Saints. Not a good receiver. LM on the other hand, he always was but nobody used him much passing.