I have #1 waiver priority Dallas Godert or Benny Snell?

Dallas Godert or Benny Snell???


What does the rest of your team look like?

Depends on your team, but Snell seems more dependent on whether or not Connor is active while week 1 suggests that Godert will be active regardless of whether or not Ertz is active, so unless you really need an RB back up, I think Godert.

Benny. You can turn a potential starting RB into so much. Even if you’re stacked at the position worse case you’ve got ammo for a trade and that into something more.

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My take is… if you don’t have one of the top 5 TE’s and you are okay at RB, take Goedert. If you are in desperate need of RB this week, take Snell… I say this week because Connor may come back in a week or two. If Connor gets hurt for a long time, Snell is the obvious choice.

I was in the same scenario and scored both, but Goedert was my higher choice. But there has been a lot of noise surrounding Snell and I predict him being the starter by seasons end.

I’d go Goedert unless you are the Conner owner or have a more pressing need at rb. But I think he’s likely only really valuable if conner role changes quickly and with exception of long term injury I don’t expect it will