I have 4 Rbs and can play 3, please help

This is a standard league, I have Gordon, Mixon, Gus Edwards, and Ken Dixon, I need yalls help, please point me in the right direction.

I just acquired damian williams too, please give me yalls thoughts

I mean this all depends on if Gordon or Ware sits. If Gordon plays and Ware sits which I think is the most likely, then I would go Mixon, Edwards, Williams. Basically, Mixon you play no matter what. Gordon you play if active. Williams you play if Ware is inactive. And then between the Baltimore running backs (assuming you don’t need both) I would play Gus in standard league, though I think Dixon has the higher upside if that’s what you need.

Thats what Im thinking too, thanks for the info

Update, it is looking more like Gordon is sitting, as the Chargers activated a practice squad rb. Which means my vote is Mixon, D. Williams, and Gus. Good luck!

Yes sir, thats what im thinking also

Gordon isn’t gonna play tonight

Its not looking good