I have 5 startable recievers who do i go with?

Pick 3:
A.j. Green vs min
Michael Thomas vs nyj
Josh Gordon vs Bal
Brandon Cooks vs pit
Jordy Nelson vs car
(full ppr)

Green, Thomas, cooks.

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Green Thomas and Cooks. You’re lucky enough to be able to take a wait and see approach with Nelson, go with the safety (and still high cieling).

By the way, Josh gordon is a clear tier below the other 4 IMO. He’s a stud but he’s going against a tough defense with not much of a track record this season. The 3 I decided on have been studs all season long and probability shows that they will be most likely good again this week

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I’m projected to lose and I am scared Cooks and green both put up duds but I agree with you

Green, Thomas, Jordy.

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