I have 5th pick in my Dynasty startup

I am pretty sure it will go all RB before my 5th pick. Who do I take? OBj? Maybe David Johnson? And gen who should I target at pick 16 on the way back? CMC? Kennan Allen?

Unless your league is filled with a bunch of idiots, it will not go all RB. And if it does go all RB, you laugh your way to bank and pick OBJ.

OBJ should be the 1.01. Or Nuk. You can swap them back and forth depending on your own preference. And you pick whoever the BPA is. In Dynasty, you ALWAYS go BPA. Trading is where you get things done. Only suckers draft based on need. It’s a multi-year league, always make the most out of your startup draft capital by getting the best players. Don’t settle.

CMAC at the turn is more than fine though. I’m a big believer in CMAC. I think what’s more likely, is you could end up with Barkley at 1.05 and you could technically open your draft with barkley and Cmac which would be prtty solid.

I feel you there! I am gonna be happy to settle on saquon, but it would be nice if ObJ fell into my arms!