I have a couple of spots left in a 12 man $50 league

I have a couple of spots left in a league if anyone wants in. We have it set for 10 pm on September 2nd. It’s a full point ppr using fab for waivers with two flex spots. If there 12 teams then top 6 will go to playoffs and if there’s only 10 it’ll be top 4. I am collecting everyone’s money before the draft and payout will be for 1st - 3rd place with the highest scoring team every week getting $5 to $10 based on how many teams there are.

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What are the league settings? Ppr, starting lineup, etc?

Holy Shit, sorry I just realized you included all that info in the description. I’m in for sureof there’s still room. koster_jordan@hotmail.com

Hey I’m interested in this league. gshockey27@gmail.com


I’m interested as well at wsmallwood1300@gmail.com

Hey im interested my email is will_pinho@aol.com

Any spots open? if so I’m down to join. christianamador28@gmail.com

I’m interested, email at Watchingwaivers@yahoo.com

What site?

If there’s any spots left shoot me an email at Groat7@gmail.com