I have a Dynasty Start Up Draft Ready To Go In Sleeper

I need players to join if any of you are interested

Is it better to do the draft as early as now including all players, or walt until later this season because of injury risks?

I am interested

Cool, have you done Dynasty before? This would be my first time.

I have done mostly redrafts every year. I did a dynasty 5 years ago but the league folded.

Oh okay. Do you suggest for everyone doing the draft now or later in the season because of possible injury risk, since this is set up as a Dynasty League?

I would like to do the draft soon

Okay, I’ll keep you posted. Are you available to do a draft tomorrow? Which time zone are you?

Is this going to be a slow draft? Is it a free league?

I prefer to draft sooner rather than later.

I’d like to make it free for the first year, and then see how it goes and if everyone likes it make it a money league starting next season. What do you mean by a slow draft?

Have either one of you used taxi spots before? How many slots do you recommend for that, and does it need to coincide with the amount of rookie rounds?

Since, typically everyone in not in the same timezone and not everyone can get to a computer at the same time. The draft timer can be set to 2hrs per pick, or 4hrs per pick. Instead of two minutes per pick.

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I’m interested in joining. I have never played in a dynasty league but I have been doing redraft for years.

Interested. My Sleeper name is Drewbacca

Any vacant spots still?
Douggernautt is my Sleeper name

My sleeper name is Flashpoint3373

I’m interested

I’m interested. I have been in 1 dynasty league for 3 years and I have gotten really into it. I’ve never been in a startup though

my sleeper name is Fubaaah if you still got open spots

I’m interested if there’s space. Based in the UK so would prefer a slow draft 8hr picks. Jh344 is my sleeper name

Hi, I’m very interested. I’m based in Australia, but happy to set the alarm for any hour - a slow draft would be helpful though. My sleeper name is brenhocko

Will you do a vets draft now, then a separate rookie draft in reverse order? That’d be my suggestion.

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