I have a good team! I just keep losing. Waver help!

I’m 1-5 yikes! I have a pretty good roster, I’ve had the 2nd highest point total 3 weeks in a row. I just keep getting matched up with the number 1 guy. I need to win this week and I’m need to fill some byes! I need to fill a WR spot and a flex spot. I of coarse have the number 1 waver pick. Who should I grab. Kearse, Cleament, Snead, Engram, Gabriel, and someone drroped Marvin Jones.

Here’s my roster! Thanks guys!

I’m looking at Snead and Gabriel as well…so glad you posted this. Curious to see what the feedback is here. Just went 2-4…so kinda right there with ya buddy!!! GRRRRR

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I’m personally going after Kearse in my league to fill my 3rd WR spot vacated by juju. He should have a safe floor to allow your regulars to win the game for you.

In your case do not go after Engram, otherwise you’ll cap your ceiling and be completely reliant on Manning having a great game. Do you want to bet on that?

I had to fight in claw to get back to .500 after starting 1-3 being the league leader in scoring -.-