I have acquired Miles Sanders. Grade my trade

I just traded Brandon Aiyuk and Zack Moss for Miles Sanders. Here is my roster after the trade:

QB: Tua
RB1: Sanders
RB2: J Robinson
WR1: Golladay
WR2: Woods
TE: Fant
Flex: Diontae Johnson
Flex2: David Johnson

DJ Moore
Corey Davis

The guy I traded with was fed up with Sanders’ injuries and also has Singletary so he’s sick of him and wanted an explosive WR who gets targets and Moss so he could secure the Buffalo backfield. I wanted another high-upside RB.

I think it was a no-brainer. What do you guys think?

Easy win for you

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I just hope the other league managers don’t cry over it. I had a discussion with the other owner first. It was a decision between two consenting adults, but some people in my league like to complain about every trade.

I think you made a great move. Like has been discussed here in different forums lately, there’s no collusion IMHO as it seems fair. But a trade between two ppl is between those ppl not the league. Nice job @Branhammer!

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That is a great trade. Nice job.

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Thanks. Hopefully now I can end my 5-game losing streak.

Good luck! Sounds like injuries have taken its toll?

Yeah mostly Dak. I have not been able to find a good QB replacement. Also variance is killing me as well as everyone having season high scores vs me.