I have an extra Def to drop, who should I stash from this list?

My team:

QB - Goff, Cousins
WR - AB, Thielen, Reynolds, Sanu
RB - DJ, AJones, Mack, Coleman, Kerryon
TE - Brate
K - Vinatieri
Def - Ten, Jax

I’m looking to drop Jacksonville because I have Ten who have good ROS schedule. Who should I pick up? Check the list below

I’m thinking maybe Taylor Gabriel? But that’s if Trubisky can stay healthy. I could pick up Ekeler as a defensive move against the Gordon owner who is in 3rd place right behind me?

I’d either go Hooper (toggle him and Brate based on best shootout matchup down the stretch), Ekler or a second strong defense for the playoffs. What defenses are available?

Eckler for sure if you can block.

Denver defense if it is available.

Pick up Ekeler. Good defensive move and actually might start for you if Gordon is out in playoffs, specifically vs KC.

Here’s the Defenses available:

Eckler, keep away at this point is important