I have an offer of Barkley and Watkins for Carson and Adams

Should I take it? It’s a half ppr league.

I’m loaded at wr and te. Plus I have the #1 waiver priority to use on Gallman and have Penny and Hardman in case something happens to Watkins.

My other rbs are Jacobs, Breida, Cohen, Justin Jackson.

Should I accept?

Yes I would take it. You’re trading away 2 “limited” players for 2 “full” players. By “limited,” I mean that Saquon will be out 6-8 weeks and you’ll be stuck playing a lesser option. Meanwhile, Watkins value significantly dips once Hill comes back. Neither guy, currently, can help you for the entire ROS.
Meanwhile, Carson and Adams help you win now; and, unless injured, continue to help you ROS.

I am always a believer in win now vs stash for later. You can’t gameplan for playoffs if you don’t first make it there

@michael_pounders I meant I’ll be looking to trade Adams and Carson. I guess by your response, not to do it. Thank you

What is your record and rest of team? If you have a 3-0 record and a deep team, you have the luxury to buy Barkley; but, I would only do it for Carson + a mid level WR. Hold Adams

I’m 2 and 0, about to be 2 and 1 , I think. @michael_pounders

It’s a 6 point passing td league.

Qbs are Goff and Dalton.

Wrs Hopkins, Adams, Kupp, Kirk, Hardman. McLaurin.

Rbs Carson, Penny, Jacobs, Breida, Cohen, Justin Jackdon.

Tes Engram and Waller.

We start 1 qb, 3 wr, 2 rb, one te, 2 flex.

I’m worried about Packers moving forward though… their team is changed to having a defense , and offense that is conservative with the run game. Adams schedule gets better the next few weeks though.

Surprisingly, I think you can make this deal. You’ll need Jacobs and Breida to stay healthy and you loose games where Nuk flops; but, I think you can weather the storm. Its a big risk but a big pay off