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I have Antonio Brown, and Martavis Bryant as my WR1&2 HELP


Hey FootClan!

When I drafted, I may or may not have had a beverage or 2, and when drafting my second WR, with Antonio Brown rostered, I slipped up and took Martavis Bryant over Tyreek Hill. Now it’s up to me to figure out what to do. Can I start them both? Should I try and work a trade now, or should I wait it out and see what Big Ben does against Cleveland? I’m playing against a fairy stacked opponent week 1, and I’d obviously like to do everything I can to win. League format is a 12 team 1/2point PPR Ballers Preferred.

All thoughts and input would be great!!


Keep them both and be happy! Your problem is Zeke will play at least the 1st part of the season with his appeal (similar to Brady last year) you where planning on using Martin I see after a few games… Good plan but gotta get McFadden out there


I actually just made a move for McFadden as I knew the individual would panic sell him and traded Burkhead and Kevin White for him. It may sound like a weird/risky move, but my though was that I have a ton of depth at the position if even 1 of Diggs/Parker/John Brown pan out, that I could take a risk on betting against Zeke and if it works out then I have massive trade equity or a starting caliber running back for at least the first 6 games. However, it may have been a flawed decision on my behalf.


Smart move unfortunately Zeke will play. Parker will Blow up this year. Probably better than Bryant. Just saying don’t trade away Parker.


Thank you! If this was you team, would you be trying to find a way to move McFadden now, or would you hold onto him for the long haul? Also, what sort of value, given my roster, would you try and get for him?


And seriously Miami, thank you for the quick response! Has seriously helped me out already!


“If it where my team,” key words.
I would keep McFadden for sure, unless you can get a steal. I would just expect that he is most likely going to end up on my bench for quiet a while. Your dealing with politics when messing with Dallas RBs so whoo really knows??? If you didn’t have CJ Anderson I would say Trade Trade Trade. But he’s a starter, can’t argue with that for a backup…** Drink drink*… Ahhh PBR… cheap crap, I love it


Haha, my thoughts exactly! Thanks for helping me out brother, cheers and best of luck this year! Sips Jack & Coke