I have Baldwin and want to trade him, who would be a match?

Just as the headed says, I have Doug Baldwin and am worried about the knee. Who is someone I could try and go after with in a trade.

my WR’s are: Baldwin, Landry, Ridley, Edelman, Golladay, Ross.
RB’s are Zeke, Fournette, Jamaal Williams, R. Penny and T Coleman.


what do yall think?

Everyone knows why you’re trying to get rid of Baldwin, so it pretty much just comes down to you’re going to be trading him at his floor, not his ceiling.

Odds are you’re going to be looking at a pretty bad return on that trade; your best bet is to probably keep him for at least a couple of weeks and hope he does well, if he does and you still decide you want to move him, that would be better.


yea I am just hoping that I can get something in return but I agree everyone knows about him being hurt but maybe I will sit on it for a few weeks.

Great advice. I live in Seattle. Local reporting is painting a pretty optimistic picture of him being able to play through this. You’re not going to get anywhere near equal value if you trade him now.

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I think you might target Larry Fitz,

I am not saying the owners of these players will accept, but depending on their player evaluations they might.

Hold on to him. I think he will be fine, he may not have the yards, but I do think the TDs will be there


he has not been 100% the last couple years. I think we see same old dougy b


He went “south” 3 years ago I think for treatment and since then has always had issues

“south” means Panama for stem cells

is this true?

I’m in the same boat… Of course I drafted the day before he came out with his 80-85% comments. But as was said, I think this is has been the case for a while and I do believe he’ll play through it.

I’m fairly good at WR (Baldwin, Thielen (kept from last year), Landry, Tate, K Cole, Sutton, Gallup) and was considering trying to trade him for Lynch. My other RBs are DJ, Dion Lewis, Tevin Colemang and Tarik Cohen. Would you entertain that?

well last year he was going to London for stem cell therapy. It is well known that Panama is the place to go for the “good stuff”

mel gibson has talked about going there and taking his father to “cure” shoulder issues with cells.

pretty interesting shit

I know, just was saying “south”. For some reason they have amazing results down there which is a very random place to have it

Thats nuts. I had no idea. well hopefully those stem cells can go to work and Doug can take me to fantasy glory.

I would probably keep him, but I like the Fitz idea or a solid RB3/2 Fringy guy: Drake / Collins / Ajayi / etc. I am not sure you get them, but that would be a thought. Then try to trade that piece (unless you land Fitz) for the WR. I like moving other positions for other positions (WR for RB) as you can maybe get better value since the comparison is not a straight line.

Maybe a still unproven guy with upside: Godwin / JuJu / Gallop / etc. I know JuJu was a monster last year, but a single partial season does not mean anything definite. I know he is probably not available in this trade, but minus injury concerns you would be losing if you made that trade in many people’s eyes. It really depends on the owner’s opinion.

But I think he will likely be fine, but it might take a couple of weeks. Either way, you are sadly not in a place of strength which sucks when moving a potential stud.