I have both Ingram and Kamara and need help at WR

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I’m thinking of moving Kamara, going after Alshon. Giving up Kamara would leave me with Gordon, Ingram, Perine, Montgomery, and the suspended Zeke. My WR situation has been pretty bad with Crabtree as my #1 and then a mix of Maclin, Kupp, and Golladay.

I figure at this point in the season I don’t need all of these RBs and could really use a true #1 WR.

Any thoughts?

I would ride those two to the SHIP! No way I would move the #1 or #2 RB since week 5. I think you should move Perine for a WR1 if you can and sell the fact he is the only show in town off an amazing game and a nice schedule. I don’t know your format but if you have 2 flex spots. Start all 4!


14 team league. We start 1 RB, 2 WR, and have 2 Flex. I have been riding both and it’s been great. Combined they are game script proof. I just don’t know how long they can both put up huge numbers.

I’d love to move Perine for a #1 WR but I don’t see that happening. Being a 14 team league, WR options for trades are pretty thin. I tried Perine and Kupp for Cooks and didn’t go. The Cooks team just lost Thompson and has Ajayi, Cohen, and AP left.

That is tough! Man I personally think that they will keep it up! That team is amazing and there is no sign of slowing them down. and true one may have a bad game but the other will balance them out…Your in a great, bad situation lol

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I am in the same situation with Ingram and Kamara. Three weeks ago I tried three different trades with either Ingram or Kamara as the big piece. Got shot down all three times and boy am I glad! I have a feeling that this duo might just win me the championship. I also have Brees and Lutz to round out the deal. Yeah, all my eggs are in one basket, but it’s the nicest basket around! The last two weeks those four players alone almost won my games for me (needed just 9pts and 8pts from my other 5 players).


If you are in a situation to slush one out for WR talent push Kamara you should be able to get a WR1 and close WR2 if they are reasonable. I don’t see Ingram and Kamara numbers dropping anytime soon. Again that’s only if you have to get WR talent.


If you do move Kamara you should get much more than Jeffrey. You should be able to get a top 10 WR for Kamara.

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Jeffery is #8 at WR in my league.

You can move the number one running backs this week 5 for more than just Jeffrey. I would Target AJ Green Adam thielen Hopkins Longshot for Antonio Brown. Buy Low on Julio


I guess how I feel is that I cannot start 4 RBs. I think I could be okay with Perine if I traded away Kamara, and a WR like Alshon would be a huge upgrade over the likes of Kupp, Maclin, and Golladay.

Of course I would try first with selling Perine’s big week “only show in town” value. Assuming that gets turned down I would think about offering Kamara.

I’ve thought about Thielen and Hopkins as they are both owned by one team. I’m in MN so Thielen is a big deal around here and that team owner is a Vikings season ticket holder, which makes me believe that he won’t give up Thielen for anything. Hopkins on the other hand I might be able to get.

I tried to get the Julio owner to take Ingram 5 weeks ago and he laughed at the offer. I thank him for that! AJ Green, maybe but would probably take more than Kamara. To be honest, this league is difficult to trade in. Player pool is so thin being 14 teams and people don’t value these RBs like they should.

I’d keep them both and look for decent streams each week

Decent streams at WR? Maybe continue streaming what I have in Kupp, Maclin and Golladay because there’s nothing on waivers, and I mean nothing. Plus I’m out of FAAB, blew what I had left on Perine last week. Maybe one more good game from Perine and I can find a buyer since we have no trade deadline.

Still think you can get more though, Kamara is a top 5 RB and RBs are way more scarce than WRs. I agree with the poster than said you can go after someone like Thielen, Hopkins, AB, Evans, AJ, or Julio, aim higher man!

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Yeah it seems like people in your league view players value based on the weight their names carry. The 2 saints RBs are crushing right now and will continue as long as NO continue to have high scoring games. I do feel like the Kamara TDs are due for some regression. What about going out and trying to grab a Devin Funchess type of player, he’s been killing it. I really like him going forward and it is evident he is the new #1 there with Kelvin gone (you do have to keep in mind that Olsen is due back soon though).

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By the way I just want to say that I do disagree with the thoughts that mksalazar is having. Overall I agree that you should be able to get a top 5 or 10 WR for Alvin, but if the league values WR more than they should, I do not think you should have quality RBs on your bench providing no value to your squad especially if you are planning on making a title run. You are gonna need a better WR2 and as long as you can fill all of your RB slots with those high level RB 1s then I don’t see why you would not flip an extra piece for a low end WR1 or high end 2. Like I said before, I like the Funchess play going forward and I am not sure how many people are seeing his value up to this point. Also Fitz looked good with Gabbert at QB and maybe people are still a bit down on him with Carson being out.

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This is exactly where my thoughts are. Why waste points on my bench?

I briefly thought about Funchess, but he’s on the team with Bell and Hunt, leading the league in record (I’m leading in points scored but ran into a high scores of the week along the way).

I don’t feel comfortable with giving that team a third RB to pair with Bell and Hunt even though they’ve been held down to normal point levels recently.

Yeah, the most important thing to consider, if you are trading for a slightly less valuable player, in my opinion is the impact the trade will have on your opponents squad because they are most likely gonna be making the trade to better their squad and help with a playoff push. You gotta be confident that you’re not stacking their squad in return. Best case scenario would be to make a value trade like that to a team that may miss the playoffs so you don’t have to deal with them in the future

AB, Baldwin and Diggs are all on one team. I doubt I can get AB after that performance last week, but Baldwin intrigues me and being a Vikings fan I like Diggs. I wouldn’t give up Kamara for Baldwin or Diggs, but perhaps Perine. This team needs to win this week and is starting 4 WRs. He has a lot of RBs though but nothing outstanding. I’m talking the likes of Crowell, Mixon, Darqwa, Jamaal Williams, and Woodhead.