I have CEH and Bell! What do I do?

I’m having a hard time seeing what I should do I had James Robinson and traded him for Golladay but now Bell signed with KC! Luckily I have both CEH and Bell but idk if it’s going to be a head ache and idk if I should try trading one of them, what do you guys think?

QB Wilson and Cousins
RBs CEH, Hunt, David Johnson, Bell, Edmonds
WRs Golladay, Evans, Hollywood, Justin Jefferson
TE Tonyan
Def Rams
K Slye

I’m currently 3-2 in a 12 team ppr league

Honestly, I’d see if anyone in your league has particularly strong feelings for one of them and try to capitalize on it. I just traded away Bell in my league to a guy who thinks he is going to be a high end RB2. I think there is a chance that is true, but I think it is a higher likelihood that it will be a low end RB2/flex. So If you can find someone who is willing to give up a low end RB1 (carson, taylor etc) if you were to do one of the two KC backs plus like edmonds, hollywood, or JJ - I’d look for that.