I have created the perfect team... if I want to be .500. Here are my strategies to get better

12 team, .5pt ppr, 6pt TDs, 2 flex, 8-start, 7-bench, 1-IR. Playing with a rather experienced group.

I’m 4-4 now.

So my team is fine. Just… fine. (Team list at the bottom.) Kamara is out, Mixon isn’t doing great, Diggs finally started to get it done but he relies on Kirk Cousins, who I don’t think will keep up his top 5 play.

I’m trying to identify my weaknesses and wanted to know what you thought.

  1. Running Back. I seem to be sitting on a bunch of RB2s and 3s (or 4,5,6…) but no studs that are actually being studs. Thinking maybe I package two up and offer to an owner with an RB1 whose team doesn’t have much depth. There might be a team out there with an RB1 and a huge dropoff, especially with 2 flex spots. These are probably my most tradable assets.
  2. Wide Receiver - If Diggs stays studly I think I’m okay. Probably the best strategy would be to sell high on Diggs and a mid-tier RB to get a battle-tested RB1. Or do I, god help me…
  3. … trade for a top TE and escape this hellscape I’m in. I don’t particularly like this idea. TE streams have been fine.
  4. Quarter Back - My QB is fine, but not elite. (Carr is just for this week while Goff is on bye.) I don’t have much hope for upgrading, though. Goff is #14 QB, which could be worse. And who do I target? I’m probably stuck here. No one is trading Watson(#1) and Stafford (#9) isn’t a big enough jump I think.

So here we are. Looking for flaws in my reasoning or strategy. Going to start implementing this Tuesday.



Anyone? I need to know if I’m crazy here.


  • You likely can’t trade trash, like Mixon and Gore, and make lemonade. If you actually want to make a move - trade Kamara to a team that is 7-1 or 8-0.
  • WR core is the weakest part about team. This is where I think you could trade depth for a low end or under-performing WR2
  • I would continue to use the waiver wire for TE. Trading for Kittle/Kelce is not guaranteed points.
  • I would dump Foles. If you want to use the IR spot at least pickup an IR eligible WR or RB.