I have Gronk and Kittle, trade one?

So I’ve got both of these guys, and am a little light on at RB as I’m carrying Bell.

Which of the two should I trade and what RB’s would be realistic straight trade targets?

My RB’s are Bell, Conner, Henry and Lindsay.

Henry is going to be dead weight this year and Lindsay could be serviceable.
that being said, Gronk will get you the most bang for your buck, but then you lose Gronk. Kittle paired with say Henry to the right owner could get you a top tier RB1.


I’m not as worried as others about Henry this season. Week to week he might make you pull your hair out, but I’m not going to be surprised if he winds up with 1,000 yards and 7-8 TDs. He’s a big play threat, he could win you weeks but could also stink up your lineup like he did week 1 (although he had a long TD run called back).

That being said, if I’m holding a top tier RB1 (as in a Gordon, or Hunt) I am not accepting a trade for Kittle/Henry. And being the Gronk owner, I think it’s early to try moving him since he’s such an advantage in the TE slot of your lineup. In my opinion, best case if this is a ppr would be to get a pass catching back (Thompson, Powell, Coleman, etc) from either the Walker or Olsen owner for Kittle.

Thanks guys!

I’d package Henry and Kittle for sure and try to get a solid to back end RB1. Dalvin cook would be a realistic return I think. It obviously depends on the owner’s valuation of Henry but I’d try to dump him ASAP if I had him. He wont be more than a flex consideration most weeks unless Lewis goes down.