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I have L. McCoy...would you trade a 2018 2nd for J. Williams?


FYI…this is a deep roster, dynasty league. So while I am not a handcuff guy in redraft, I think this could make sense long term. Thoughts?


just wondering which J. Williams you are referring too?


@Bigb89 Sorry…Jonathan Williams, McCoy’s backup and presumed handcuff/successor in Buffalo.


Being from Buffalo, and following the Bills more than most, I love the opportunity of Jonathan Williams. With that being said, I don’t think he will fully take over the Gilly role for I see Gilly as a better football player. I think 2nd round is a little steep, but if you are worried about McCoy’s health (and rightfully so) then I would do the trade. I just don’t see Jonathan Williams being the long term answer prospective owners are looking for when Shady retires or leaves. My advice would be to hold out and hopefully you can get him cheaper…possibly a 3rd in 2018


@david_brown sorry my bad, i realized that like an hour later lol. As for my opinion on the matter, I would have to agree with @jwilmore630. Williams showed some flashes last year but Gilly is a better football player.