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I have messed up! URGENT


End up making a drunk trade to close to the deadline and now I won’t have a TE unless I drop someone… :frowning:

The people in yellow are who I have traded away for gronk.

So first question is do I bring in a TE or just wait?

If i bring one in who should i drop someone from the bench or my kicker?

Any help would be really appreciated need quick responses to!!!


you traded for gronk? so you should have a TE. and even if those players are in limbo because you cut it too close, that meansthere should be an open spot on your bench right? or sre they on your team but unusable? if all of that is how it is, then your bench i would say, depending on who that is.


I know i did but i traded so i won’t get him in time for this week :frowning: and my bench are :



yeesh. i dont really want to give up anyone here. safest is gilly i think… but he will be picked up quick. i mean all of them will. maybe robinson, just because its easier to replace a WR than it is to replace an RB. god speed to you man, hope it works out.


I know so you would drop one and not just take the hit this week?


Can you ask the commissioner to push the trade through so you have the players in time?


that, entirely depends on who is available at TE in free agency. if your best option is some bum, i might just wait it out and hope for the best. but i want all the points i can get so im definitely thinking about it.


Won’t you still have Bennett? I mean if Gronk plays he is locked until next week and can’t be traded, right?


Bennet is being traded and goes tomorrow morning :frowning:

And best TE available i would say are Fleener, Ebron and Witten


I’ll ask but i’m not sure :confused:


The comish needs to push. Trades should not have wait times for this exact reason.


I’ve asked i’m just waiting now only thing is i’m up against him first week


Wait. You traded 2 for 1 right? So you’ll have a bench spot.


Trade goes through tomorrow morning so not yet and then I won’t be able to pick of the free agencies until next week will I?


Either try to get the commish to push the trade through or drop a bench player & pick up Witten for the week


Who from my bench?


Oh shit, missed that second image somehow. That is one stacked bench, I actually wouldn’t feel comfortable dropping any of them. Maybe your best bet is just to wait for the commish to respond or, worst case scenario, take a ding for the week


That is why i have messed up :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: