I have Mixon and Green playing tonight, I need 27 points!

Do I make it or not??? Lol

If Mixon plays like he did last week, then yes. AJ will do work/

Sorry but I hope not, I’m up 30 and my opponent has bell and mixon. lol Good luck.


1/2 point league

:confused: sorry about that mate


there you go. :slight_smile: congratz

I just lost im sure. was ahead by 35 going into this game and I bet Green will have 40 points end of this game

So at the half you’re sitting with 22 pts right??? So…yeah as @Windowlicker just said…I think you got this one!!! Sending best wishes!!!

I know right!! I got it; I’m up by 3… Mixon got me like 8 before he got double teamed and KO’d… That was a vicious hit…