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I have one slot open on a 10 team .5 ppr unlimited keeper league, $40 Buy in


Established keeper league, you would be taking over a team with 4th overall pick. First two rounds non-snaking. Winner receives a championship ring. I’m looking for someone who pays, plays, and is not a d!ck. $40 dollar buy in. I’ll email you the constitution if your interested.


When do you draft and what site?


Yahoo and Fri Sept 1 at 9:30 pm PDT


Definitely interested. What is the payout? Or is it just the ring? Also who is on the team available?


$240 for first, 80 for second, money back for third, $20 for scoring most pts in the regular season and the last 20 goes toward the ring. It is unlimited keeper, you can keep any player one round earlier than you drafted them the first year you keep them. Its 2 round earlier the second time you keep them, 3 rounds earlier the third etc. So if you draft someone in the 8th round than next year you can keep them in the 7th round. The second year they would cost a 5th. The third year they would cost a 2nd.


The team took dead last and is in rough shape right now (actually I probably would blow it up and start over) but the rules are set up so worst to first is not out of the question plus the more draft picks you have the more of a chance you end up with keepers next year.


ill take on the challenge haha. bwangerin55@gmail.com


I’m so sorry I forgot to write you back. I had a guy that I sent the link to join 3 weeks ago click in and join. I thought he wasn’t going to play. So I’m all filled up.