I have pick 1.06. Is it worth keeping?

I’ve got rookie pick 1.06. I was offered the 1.10 and the 3.03 for the 1.06.

I also offered the 1.06, 3.12, and Andy Isabella to the owner of the 1.04 and they said they’d consider it depending on the NFL draft goes and depending on who drops to the 1.04.

Should I trade down to 1.10 or should I do the other trade if they want it?

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I’d trade up. In my opinion the rookie draft becomes so much more of a lottery after the early picks. I’d want to be picking as early as possible because I think in third round you’ll have a pick that has as much chance being nothing than something.


Agree with @Mr_Wind-up_Bird it’s trade up or hold for me too. The way the draft went in the first 3 rounds you have CEH, Taylor, Swift, Dobbins, then it’s a bit more of a lottery or pick for need. At 1.06 you may get a crack at Akers or your pick of any WR if he goes at 5.

Unless it’s super flex then depending if Tua and Burrows go early you’ll get a decent RB in a good situation.


If this is the team you have posted before, I think you would benefit from holding or trading up. That team definitely needs WR, but a bolster to RB is not bad. Given what I remember, I would still consider WR at the 1.04 to get you pick. I think the WR / RB at 1.04 is comparable, but I’d edge WR for longevity.

Regardless, though, I’d not trade back from your 1.06. Moving up seems the best option if you are not content staying put. Hope this helps!