I have pick 1.1 and 1.2 in rookie draft

I plan on keeping the 1.1 but I am getting a ton of offers for the 1.2 in this years rookie draft.

What’s the value this year on the second overall rookie pick?

Having the luxury of grabbing the Top RB (Swift) IMO, and CeeDee Lamb whom I view as the WR 1, is massive in a dynasty outlook. I would keep both picks if your in for the long haul. If you have a win now attitude- team poised to make noise, then by all means, trade the second pick.

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Agreed with @Kvick27 on this. I would hold both, unless you get a ridiculous haul. This could not work for you given the picks you have, but in one of my leagues this happened:

1.01 > 1.02 + 1.11 + 2.01

Yikes! That type of an offer is worth moving for IMHO. If you are definitely in the contending sphere I could see not, but even in that space I think it would be worth it.