I have R Wilson. Trade Chubb for Locket?

12 Team PPR.
League Roster Settings: 2QB 3RB 3WR 2TE 2K 2DST
Starting Roster: QB RB RB WR WR TE K D

My Team:
QB: Wilson, Murray
RB: Elliot, Chubb, White
WR: Kirk, Diggs, McLaurin
TE: Howard, Dissly
K: Garbage
D: Patriots, Jax

I give - Chubb, Diggs
I get - Breida, Locket

His RBs and WRs are Kamara, D Williams, Breida and Locket, Edelman, M Williams.

I would probably drop Breida and pick up McCoy. I really think that Locket is going to blow up big time and this is the chance to grab him. I am giving up a legit bell cow RB though…

nope… coleman will be back after the bye, chubb is getting on the field 90% of the snaps. I do not like this trade

Thanks for the input. I guess I should sit tight with my new WRs Kirk and McLaurin for now?

What do you think about dropping James White for McCoy? I don’t see me replacing Elliot or Chubb in the starting lineup unless matchups/byes dictate it.

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im not sure how mccoy’s health is, but i personally like to avoid NE backfield as much as possible…