I have Russell Wilson and Jags defense, help please!

So yeah I have Russell Wilson and jags defense and I don’t know if I should roll the dice and still start them both or pick up either a waiver qb or defense. Here are my options

I have both and in playoffs would start your studs but fortunately I have a bye.

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I meannnnn… you could play the Jets in all honesty… Miami D put up a ton of points against them and I don’t think they’d kill you by any means.

Just a thought.

I’d start them both. But I think Dalton could have a solid week. Same with Jets against the horrible Broncos offense

Start Sacksonville for sure. Seahawks o-line isn’t very good so they should get sacks and maybe a turnover or two. Very solid baseline, better than any of that junk on the wire.

As for Wilson, I’d start him, he’s playing at such a high level right now. He also rushes the ball meaning you have a relatively safe floor. If you really feel like you have to get away from him Winston is your man.

I have both and I’m rolling em out. And yes, it is possible for both to be fine plays, but if you think about it, if one of the two really sucks, it means the other one almost definitely killed it.

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