I have some important decisions to make and need some thoughts

I am in a 10 person, PPR, 6pt QB td, superflex league. We kind of have a keeper league where we keep 1 starter at each position and 6 bench players. Then we do a 5 round draft in order of standings. I have been extremely lucky the last few years but have some decisions to make and would like some opinions.

QB- Stafford, Carr, Goff
RB- Elliot, Gurley, David Johnson, Perine, McKinnon
WR- Evans, Allen Robinson, Brandin Cooks, Josh Gordon, JuJu, Will Fuller, Mike Williams (Chargers)
TE- Ertz, Ebron
Def- Vikings
K- Tucker

I have until an hour before the draft to decide who I am going to keep. I can trade anyone for picks up until the deadline to release. I can only keep 1 starter at each positions (QB, RB, WR, TE, D, K) and then any 6 bench players and I can start a QB in the flex. I do not have a 1st or 2nd round pick this year. Thoughts?

Woof, that’s tough.


Bench would be McKinnon, juju, fuller (for potential), Gordon, cooks, and perine.

All that being said I’m probably packaging Evan’s and DJ for hopkins. The really crappy part is there isn’t much you can do with Gurley. I mean it’s a toss up of sorts between him and zeke. Depends on how you value players. So go young and strong, without injury concerns. And then use the INSANE depth you have to build even stronger. You have to drop someone, might as well upgrade right?

I was thinking


Bench- Johnson, Gurley, Goff, Carr, and Im torn on the two WRs to keep.

I thought about trading Carr, McKinnon and JuJu, keeping Evans, Cooks, Robinson, and Gordon. Starting two QBs is almost a must to be competitive.

Oh wait you can bench anyone? Oh well hell yeah keep all of them. I thought you could only keep 1 starter, and then anyone that wasnt a consistent starter could be kept. That was a misunderstanding on my part.


Then bench would be; Gurley, DJ, McKinnon, then Robinson or cook depending on who you think will be a better big play guy, juju, and Goff. That gives you a nice round team of potential, big play ability, and youth.

I think you should keep:

QB - Stafford/Goff
RB - Elliott/Gurley/DJ
WR - Evans/ARob/Cooks/Gordon
TE - Ertz

I would also see if you could trade JuJu to someone for a pick. Maybe there is a Steelers fan in your league that would overpay for him.

I live like an hour from Pittsburgh, on the OH/PA line. Shouldn’t be too hard. I thought about maybe pairing JuJu and Carr to get a 1st round pick back even though I dont really need it. The guy in mind has Big Ben and Brady so he needs a younger QB but he also as AB. Maybe Carr and Mckinnon. His best RB is Gore.

That’s not a bad idea. His fandom may be what gets that deal done.