I have T.Coleman...should I pick up Ito Smith as handcuff?

Is it worth it to pick up Ito Smith? Here’s my team right now.

YES I would drop Jones for Smith. Your dealing with a 3 headed monster in GB and Ty got the TD were Jones could not.

I only just picked up Aaron Jones recently, and I think gamescript was against him here. Packers started him and fed him the ball initially but then played like shit and had to play catch up so idk if it was all his fault.

Nah, I would hold firm right now

Do you guys think Ito Smith is taking value away from Coleman? I worry about Coleman’s productivitt

If you want Ito I would drop Cameron Brate. OJ is the guy in TB and you already have him. With TB bye already passed there’s no reason to roster 2 TE.


That’s what I was thinking too… might be an option

Drop Brate if you really want to but the way I see it you got Coleman knowing he was basically Freeman’s handcuff. Both still produced when healthy. Coleman should be fine and towards the end of the season he might be your 3rd or 4th best back.

I def agree is you want to pick him up Brate is the guy to drop for sure. You could use RB as I honestly think that Coleman will be your RB1 ROS. I don’t trust DJ at all

Drop Brate, Jones could still be worth something if Mike McCarthy finally has his head surgically removed from his hind quarters…

I would absolutely hold Jones because even though you’re dealing with a bit of a committee there, his efficiency is incredible, and at some point, that should play out (could be a league winner). I’d drop Brate, and seriously consider scavenging the waiver wire for an upgrade on Antonio calloway. the volume/opportunity is there, and he’s still doing nothing with it.

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I don’t think Ito will be anything more than a decent handcuff and a TD vulture this year.

Exactly why I wanna pick him up…maybe play Coleman and flex Ito Smith

Edit: okay I dropped Brate, picked up Smith. Question is now who do I start/play haha.
I have DJ, Kerryon, Clement, Coleman, Smith (I can play 2 and flex 1)