I have the 3rd pick in Redraft... Here’s my trade

I have the 3rd pick in redraft this year and am swapping 1st and 2nd round picks with someone who has the 11th pick.

12 man 1/2ppr

My thinking is… I’m not in love with cmc this year and that’s who I know I’m going to get (saq and kamara are for sure going before me).

My draft is this upcoming weekend, Zeke still hasn’t signed, and if he doesn’t by Friday I’m pulling the trigger. I want to grab Chubb in the first and pair with a true wr1 like OBJ, MT, or JuJu. I would follow up with devonta freeman, aaron jones, marlon mack or whichever rb falls to me in the third round at the 3.3

What do you guys think, I personally think it’s a more risk averse strategy (I could care less about hunt).

Some questions to really consider:

  • are you sure you want to pass on CMC? I’d urge you to reconsider.

  • are you absolutely sure Kamara is going before CMC in this league? CMC is going either 1 / 2 in most leagues right now. So would you be happy with Kamara?

Re. your plan: I think 1.11 is too early for Chubb, but hey, if he’s your guy, go get him. An alternative would be to look at it this way: whatever WR you want may not be there if you start with Chubb and then wait for a WR. I’d take the receiver first, then Chubb coming back around the corner.

Jones will def. be there for you at 3.3 and that’s who i’d take.


I think your giving the guy with the 11 pick to much value…you should be trying to swap later picks as well…Dont just give up a top 3 back with out something in return and moving up in the second is a loss trade by you…if you want to make this move try also moving your 5th to 3rd or 7th-4th…if he wont move later picks then dont make this trade…

Im not trading CMC/Evans for chubb/juju


boardereric makes a good point.

I had the 3rd pick in a 10 team redraft this weekend, was offered 9, and ultimately stuck with 3 for pretty much the same reason. The guy at 9 struggled: reached for Kelce with his first pick and then took Julio with his 2nd. Kerryon is his lead back. I had Kamara, Evans, and Aaron Jones before he ever got his first RB.

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@boardereric9 @saturnismine I guess I view the difference between juju/mt and evans as way too great. This is something I’ll probably have to reconsider as the more I think about it, Chubb vs CMC/Kamara is pretty far apart in risk level as well.

Thank you guys for the strong input.


Definitely add in later round picks. I like getting his 3rd for your 5th as well. Maybe even ask for his 6th for your 8th. Even if you are not in on CMC, the potential value is massive for him. Giving up 1.03 you should be getting far more in return. They still get some good picks in the early part of the draft, but you gain more valuable picks than you are giving up. You are basically trading a top end talent for better depth.