I have to drop 1

I need to drop 1 player, my options are RB Montgomery, TE Cook, WR Brandon cooks, RB Ronald Jones, and RB Chris Thompson.

Who are you making room for? What other TE’s do you have that you are willing to drop Cook? If you have Kelce, Kittle, or Andrews I’d probably be willing to drop Cook.

My other TE is Fant, so Cook is my least favorite option to drop incase the Broncos offense isn’t that great with Lock.

Who are you trying to make room for?

I just picked up Chris Thompson when Fournette got cut. I figured I could swing a trade out of it at the least, but no one in my league is willing to do anything. So I’m not picking anyone up, I just have to dump 1

I’d rather not but Jones or Cooks is who I’d dump.

Yeah I know, I picked Up Chris Thompson hoping to make deals or get more clarity and now I’m just in a weird spot. I mean I could just go no Kicker week 1 and see how these guys are all used before I drop someone.

I’d dump Jones. Too much uncertainty in that backfield

Yeah, I’m leaning RoJo’s way. I kind of already looked at him as a long shot to do much and that was before Fournette signed there. But they keep saying he’s “their guy” which could just be coach speak.

Or like I was thinking, Boswell and McManus are both available and play Monday night, so I could just wait it out and see how they do…and if it’s even close enough for a kicker to matter haha

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Hold out too Monday is not a bad plan especially if your opponent doesn’t have anyone playing on Monday night

Yeah, he doesn’t have any starters on Monday, so I guess I’ll wait and see and hope for some clarity…fingers crossed